Sustainable and luxurious cotton canvas duvet carrier bag with print


Sustainable and luxurious cotton canvas duvet carrier bag with print

This sustainable cotton bag is the right choice in many cases. The environmentally-friendly packaging is perfectly suitable for promotional purposes.


Heavy quality


Fully customizable

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Canvas storage bag for duvets and blankets

Are you looking for a nice and modern promotional carrier-bag, made of a 100% recyclable and, therefore, sustainable material? Read more about this canvas storage bag, which has been specially manufactured for the storage and transport of duvets and blankets. Firstly, canvas is good for packaging and storing bed textiles of natural materials, such as down duvets and wool blankets. In fact, canvas is a form of cotton and therefore also made of a natural material. But that’s not all. Canvas is also very sturdy, so this heavy-quality storage bag can be used frequently. Would you prefer a completely ecological and organic packaging? It is good to know that organic canvas is also one of your options.

Reusable canvas storage bag

There are various colors available for this reusable, canvas storage bag. By default, this canvas bag is offered in ecru, but painted canvas is also among your options. In this way, we can tailor-make your bag in a color of your choosing. The printing or embroidery of your logo is also possible with this storage bag. The bag can be fully customized – including a customer-specific printing.