Storage bag with iron frame for pillow


Storage bag with iron frame for pillow

Every pillow gets a little extra in terms of presentation with this luxury non-woven PP bag with steel wire seam. The steel wire seam makes it possible to place the bag (including pillow) in an upright position allowing you to nicely present the bag.

Luxury presentation

Printing or embroidering

Small batches possible

Available in different colours

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Pillow bag of recyclable LDPE

The largest part of the bag is made of semi transparant LDPE: low density polyethylene. LDPE is water repellant, isolating and strong. But perhaps the most important advantage of LDPE is the fact that it is 100% recyclable. LDPE is a phtalate free plastic and therefore better for the environment. And that is not all: recyclable plastic is reusable. You are therefore not introducing any new plastic into the environment.

Non-woven PP bag

The central part of this pillow casing is made of non-woven PP in anthracite. Non-woven PP (also abbreviated to non-woven) is available in different colours. Therefore you are guaranteed to find a colour that matches your interior styling. Non-woven PP is also printable. Embroidery is another possibility. This makes the bag well suited for advertising. Non-woven PP has some more advantages. It is strong, water repellant, dust free and breathable. This ensures that non-woven PP packaging prevents moisture or mold forming on pillows.

Pillow packaging from stock

Willems Packaging is the leading supplier for custom-made luxury pillow bags and other packaging for the textile industry. Which is visible in this pillow packaging. Are you in a hurry for pillow bags? We can help you. We have all sorts of packaging in stock for the standard pillow sizes in different qualities, models and colors. Look at our stock here.