Rolled LDPE storage bag for customised mattress


Rolled LDPE storage bag for customised mattress

Looking for packaging in which you can pack and transport a rolled up mattress? This storage cover from Willems Packaging is an excellent choice. This mattress packaging can be custom made.

Very sturdy

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Mattress packaging for rolled mattress

You probably know it best: mattresses are very awkward to store and transport because of their size. On top of all that, you need to handle it with care. You can’t simply store it somewhere without it losing its strength and resilience. This storage bag offers the ideal solution. This storage bags allows for the mattress to be safely rolled up and stored. The handy, cylindrical cover is therefore very suitable for easy transport and protection of mattresses. The cover for a rolled mattress closes with a sturdy zipper and its handles ensure ease of use.

Custom-made mattress cover

A great advantage of this mattress cover is that it can be custom made. Among other things, you choose the size. Are you interested in the possibilities for this customized packaging? Please contact Willems Packaging for more information.

Mattress packaging of recyclable plastic LDPE

The mattress cover is made entirely of transparent LDPE, which makes this a 100% recyclable plastic packaging. With this mattress packaging, you are choosing an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is also water-repellent, well-insulating and sturdy. These are, of course, the perfect properties for mattress packaging.