Resealable pillow storage bag | LDPE & non-woven


Resealable pillow storage bag | LDPE & non-woven

Pillows can be hygienically stored in this striking pillow bag made of LDPE and non-woven PP. The resealable pillow bag protects pillows against dirt and dust, keeping them clean and tidy when they are not being used.

Custom made

Available in various colors

Printing and embroidery possible

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Pillow bag with inner pocket for leaflet

The pillow bag zips closed with a strong zipper on the top. This keeps the pillow well protected from dust and dirt. The bag is supplied as standard in transparent LDPE with a striking, yellow non-woven PP strap. However, the design and format of the bag can be adjusted to your specific requirements. This way, the bag always matches your desired look perfectly. Do you have a leaflet that needs to be stored in the bag? You can use the handy inner compartment for this.

Non-woven PP: water-repellent, dust-free and breathable

In addition to yellow, the edge of the non-woven PP (better known as non-woven) is available in various colors. So you are guaranteed to find a color that matches your corporate identity. And there are even more advantages to non-woven PP. It is soft, yet strong, and also water-repellent, dust-free and breathable. This prevents moisture entering the bag or mold forming on the pillow.

Recyclable LDPE

The rest of the pillow bag is made of LDPE. This is also known as Low Density Polyethylene. LDPE has several key features that make it perfect for pillow packaging. It is water-repellent and strong. Another important advantage of LDPE is that it is 100% recyclable. LDPE is a phthalate-free plastic, and therefore better for the environment.

Storage bags available in stock

Do you want to place an urgent order or do you need small numbers? In that case, have a look at our stock. We have a wide selection of pillow bags in stock for the standard pillow sizes.