Recyclable plastic carrier bag with plastic handle for duvets


Recyclable plastic carrier bag with plastic handle for duvets

This plastic carrying bag made of LDPE is fully customizable and can be made in different sizes. The recyclable plastic handle is also customizable. That is why this is an ideal custom-made packaging for packaging and storing your duvets.

Available in different colours

With and without print

100% Recyclable

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Printing recyclable plastic carrying bag

The recyclable plastic carrying bag with plastic handle comes in color or is transparent. And if you choose an opaque colored bag, it can also be printed. You can choose from no less than ten colours. Flexo printing is used for printing – also known as relief printing or direct printing. The advantage of this technique is that it allows you to print up to ten colors. Almost anything is possible: from a very simple print to a full colour print.

Plastic handle with clip closure

The plastic handle on this bag is easy to close by using the clip close system. And just like the bag itself, the handle is available in different colours. That way you can customize the bag to suit your or your customer’s needs.

Plastic carrying bag with plastic handle from stock

We have various transparent plastic bags with plastic handles for standard duvet and pillow sizes in stock for quick delivery and/or small batches. You will find different qualities, models and colors in our stock so you have plenty of choices. You can view our inventory here.

100% recyclable LDPE

We would like to tell you something about the material used for this bag called LDPE. LDPE is an abbreviation for Low Density Polyethylene – Lage dichtheid polyethyleen in Dutch. This is a 100% recyclable plastic and therefore very environmentally friendly. Why? Because recycled plastic can be used for many new products. You will not be introducing new plastics into the environment, but you will give the plastic a second life. Add the other great properties of LDPE such as the fact if is water repellant, isolating and strong, and you understand why we recommend this bag for storing your duvets.