Recyclable pillow bag of LDPE with clip-close handle


Recyclable pillow bag of LDPE with clip-close handle

Store (head) cushions hygienically in this simple cushion bag made of LDPE with resealable handle. The cushion bag protects cushions from dirt and dust, keeping them clean and tidy during the time they are not in use. Available from stock in the following sizes:

  • 71×61 cm
  • 61×63 cm
  • 72×52 cm
  • 41×63 cm
  • 62×52 cm
  • 50×82 cm

Quantity per box: 200 pieces


100 % recyclable

Fully customisable

Different sizes in stock

Offer request for:

Cushion bag for (head) cushions

This cushion bag is suitable for packing and storing (head) cushions. In the cushion bag, the cushions are optimally protected from unwanted dirt and dust. This bag is a solution for suppliers of pillows and pillows, bedding shops and hotels. The cushion bag is easy to transport thanks to its reinforced handle. The handy closure ensures easy access to the cushions and makes the bag easy to reseal.

Made-to-measure cushion bag

The cushion bag is transparent, clear and unprinted, but can also be supplied in colour. Do you have specific details you would like to see on the cushion bag, such as a logo? No problem, as printing is also possible. In that case, your or your customers’ personal wishes will be incorporated on this cushion bag down to the last detail. This bag has a white handle as standard, but you can choose a different model or colour if you wish. The cushion bag is available in a quadrangular or rectangular shape, but can also be supplied with a bottom or side gusset. We have different sizes in stock as standard, which you can order from as little as one box.

LDPE bags

The cushion bag is made of LDPE. LDPE is an abbreviation for Low Density Polyethene. LDPE bags are simple bags consisting of a plastic bag (LDPE) to which a resealable, hard Polyethylene handle is welded (sealed). LDPE bags have several good properties. For instance, they are water-repellent, well-insulating and sturdy. In addition, frost-resistant LDPE is also available. Another important advantage of LDPE bags is that they are 100 per cent recyclable. And LDPE is also an interesting material in terms of cost. So this cushion bag is a high-quality and cost-friendly solution for packing and protecting your (head) cushions.