Recyclable LDPE carrier bag with resealable, clip-close handle, printed in full colour


Recyclable LDPE carrier bag with resealable, clip-close handle, printed in full colour

This carrier bag with a resealable handle – ideal for storing comforters and blankets etc. – is entirely made from LDPE. This one hundred percent recyclable plastic is available as a transparent material, but can also be printed in full color. This gives your bag a luxurious look.

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100 percent recyclable

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Plastic carrier bags with resealable handle

Willems Packaging has been producing plastic carrier bags with resealable handles, just like this bag, for years. These bags are produced in Rijssen, where we also have our head office. This fact is very handy for you, ensuring flexible and fast delivery times. Moreover, the plastic bags can be produced in any desired format. The choice is entirely yours.

Plastic bag for comforters and blankets

Just like the LDPE bag itself, the handle is also available in many sizes, models and colors. This allows you to order the bag, including the resealable (clip close) handle, fully customized to your wishes. Good to know: this storage bag comes standard with white handles. In addition, printing on the bag is possible, even full color. This plastic bag is therefore perfect for storing comforters and blankets, among other things.

One hundred percent recyclable LDPE

This plastic carrier bag is made from LDPE. And although it is plastic, this material is environmentally friendly. You might not expect it, but LDPE is 100% recyclable. New products can be made from recycled plastic, giving plastic a second life. Add to that the other good properties of LDPE – water-repellent, well-insulated and sturdy – and you will understand why this bag is a good choice for storing comforters and blankets.