PVC bag with hook, representative hanging packaging


PVC bag with hook, representative hanging packaging

Some retailers like to present their bedding, such as duvets or duvet covers, in a hanging fashion. Understandable, because this way customers can view their choices well. This representative clear hanging packaging – equipped with a robust strong hanging hook – is the solution for hanging bedding in your store.

Custom made

Promotional packaging

Clear and representative packaging

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Tailor-made hanging packaging

This clear, transparent hanging package can be fully customized. Both the design and the size of the packaging can be adjusted to your specific wishes, so that they perfectly match the look of your store and your product. For example, the packaging can be printed in full color, making it a beautiful promotional packaging. Can you use some inspiration in the field of printing? Willems Packaging is happy to provide you with that inspiration, so that your printing can be fully realized as desired.

PVC hanger packing

As said, this PVC hanging package is produced to customers’ wishes – right down to the smallest details. But also PVC bags, or bags for your display, for example, can be produced by Willems Packaging. Due to the clear and transparent property of PVC, your product will be well-presented at all times and will come into its own with any advertising print.

Present bedding hanging in your store

Do you also want to present your bedding hanging in your store? This beautiful hanging package is guaranteed to be the right choice. Please contact us, we are curious about how we can make your unique wishes a reality. It’s not without reason that Willems Packaging is the supplier for customized sales packaging for the textile industry.