Printed cotton duvet storage cover


Printed cotton duvet storage cover

Willems Packaging is the leading supplier for eco-bags and other environmentally-friendly packaging. This cotton storage cover – for storing and hygienically keeping duvets – is a perfect example of this.


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Fully customizable

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Cotton duvet bag

The cover is made of the natural material cotton, which perfectly fits with CSR and circular entrepreneurship. Cotton is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and by choosing this duvet bag, you are choosing sustainable and circular packaging. It’s no surprise that these reusable duvet bags are very popular.

Cotton storage bag for duvets and blankets

The storage bag for duvets and blankets is supplied in the color white by default. It’s also possible to have printing on this bag, making sure it matches your house style or that of your customer’s. Whatever visual choices you make, it’s no problem with this duvet bag. The cover can be delivered fully custom-made.

Duvet packaging breathable

We would also like to tell you a bit more about the material cotton, or organic cotton. In addition to all the advantages in terms of sustainability, cotton is also ideal for the packaging of duvets and blankets. Cotton is breathable, which prevents moisture and mold from forming in and on the duvets and blankets. This ensures that the quality is maintained.

Circular duvet packaging

By choosing a natural material such as cotton, the packaging quickly becomes a circular packaging. This cotton bag is a good example of this: the material is extracted from cotton plants and is 100 percent biodegradable in nature at the end of its life cycle. In addition, this sturdy and strong packaging is reusable, making it also durable packaging.