Practical printed pillow carrier bag, reusable and sustainable packaging


Practical printed pillow carrier bag, reusable and sustainable packaging

Do you or your customers sell pillows? Or would you like to protect and store (your own) travel pillows? In all cases you should choose for this practical storage bag for pillows made of non-woven PP. Why? The pillow bag is durable and reusable.


Water repellant


Fully customizable

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Practical storage bag for pillows

This practical storage bag allows you to store pillows hygienically. Dirt, dust and fungi get no chance because of the great protection offered by this travel bag. Every pillow is guaranteed to stay clean, neat and fresh. The handles make the pillow bag easy to use. The sturdy zipper ensures the bag closes well.

Printed non-woven pillow bag

The pillow bag is ideal for protecting pillows that are (temporarily) not in use – for example because you use the bag as a travel pillow case – but also when you sell pillows. This non-woven storage bag is fully customizable and printable. You can print different details, for example a logo or text. The printing is done using screen print. You are also able to choose the size, to ensure the product you intend to store fits perfectly.

Non-woven pillow bag

Non-woven is also known as non-woven PP because it is made of PP (Polypropylene). This is a soft but strong material. It is easy to sum up the other great properties of non-woven. It is water repellent and dust free. Most importantly, it is breathable. This is especially important when storing products made of natural materials like down and wool like pillows. To prevent formation of moisture and fungi, pillows should always be able to air.