PP non-woven storage cover for duvet


PP non-woven storage cover for duvet

Duvets can be difficult to store due their size and weight. In addition, the storage of bedding must be done in the right way, so that on the one hand you prevent dust and fungus and on the other hand the quality of the duvet and the filling is maintained. This PP non-woven storage cover is ideal for every duvet.




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Non-woven storage cover for duvet

Whether you are selling duvets or wanting to store and keep duvets for yourself, your customers or your guests: in this luxury non-woven storage cover, you can always keep bedding in the right way. The duvet is in the storage bag protected against dirt and dust, but also against moisture. This keeps the duvet clean in the time that it is not used. The handles with PU reinforcement make the duvet bag practical. The sturdy zipper ensures that the storage cover is properly closed. There is an extra insert pocket for a product card.

Storage cover for duvet

The non-woven storage cover can be completely customized. You can choose from more than twenty colours. The zipper and the handles are also available in different colours. And what specific details you or your client want to see on this storage cover for a duvet: with this storage cover it is possible. Think for example of a logo or a text. In addition, you are free to customize the cover in shape and size. The standard shape is rectangular, but you can also opt for folded corners or a fully customized cover. This way you will always receive a storage cover where duvets fit perfectly. The storage cover is finished with a PU finish and push buttons.

PP non-woven

PP non-woven, also named non-woven, is made of PP (Polypropylene). This is a soft, but strong material with a luxurious look. The good properties of non-woven are easy to sum-up. Among others the material is water-repellent and dust-free. Furthermore non-woven is breathable: important when you pack duvets made of natural materials, such as down or wool. Duvets must be able to air out to prevent moisture and fungus from forming. In this non-woven cover, duvets are optimally stored and protected.