PP non-woven storage bag with zipper


PP non-woven storage bag with zipper

Do you or your customer sell (sleeping)pillows? Or do you want to protect, store and keep your (hotel)pillows correctly? Then choose this PP non-woven storage bag for pillows. This is a durable pillow packaging which can be reused. The luxurious non-woven pillow bag is good quality and offers the right protection.




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Storage bag for pillows

In this storage bag for pillows, you keep your (sleeping)pillows hygienic. Dirt, dust and fungus don’t get a change to form with the good protection this bags offers. Pillows are guaranteed kept clean, neat and fresh. The carrying ropes make the pillow bag easy in use. The sturdy zipper ensures the bag is closed properly.

Non-woven storage bag for pillows

The pillow bag is ideal when you want to protect pillows which are (temporarily) not in use, but also when you sell (sleeping)pillows. This non-woven storage bag for pillows is completely customized and printed. There is a choice of over twenty colours. Not only for the bag, but also for the zipper and the carrying cords. Then you also have different details on the bag, think a logo or text. If you have the storage bag machine-printed, it can be done up to eight colours. Screen printing, digital printing and embroidery are also possible. Finally, you are free to choose the size and shape, so that the product stored in the bag always fits well.

Non-woven pillow bag

Non-woven is also known as PP non-woven, because it is made from PP (Polypropylene). It is a soft but strong material that feels like a stiff fabric. Furthermore, the good properties of non-woven are easy to mention. For example, the material is water-repellent and dust-free. The most important characteristic of non-woven, however, is that it is breathable. This is particularly important when you pack products made from natural materials such as down and wool. To prevent moisture and mold from forming, these materials must always be able to air.