Pillow packaging custom made from sustainable PP non-woven


Pillow packaging custom made from sustainable PP non-woven

Are you looking for a high quality pillow bag? Then look no further. This pillow bag is made of LDPE and offers the right protection to your pillows. Optional, an inside pocket can be added so that the product card stays in position neatly.

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LDPE pillow bag with coloured cord

Protection, storing and keeping. It can all be done with this LDPE pillow bag. The pillow bag is of good quality and offers the right protection guaranteed. Dirt, dust and fungus don’t get any chance and your pillows stay clean an fresh. The coloured cord makes the pillow bag easy to transport. And of course, the bag can be closed properly due to the zipper.

Customized pillow bag

The pillow bag is transparent and simple, but can easily be combined with PP non-woven. Are there specific details you want to see on the bag, think a logo? That is no problem, because printing is possible as well. In that case the personal wishes of yourself or your customers will be processed in detail on the cushion bag. The bag has a colored cord, for which you choose the color yourself. Finally, you are free to change the storage bag in terms of shape. In addition to rectangular, various other shapes are possible, so that the product stored in the bag always fits in well.

LDPE pillow bag

This pillow bag is made of LDPE. LDPE is an abbreviation for Low Density Polytheen. It has several good properties. This makes is waterproof, well insulating and sturdy. In addition, frost-resistant LDPE is also available. Another important advantage of LDPE is that it is 100% recyclable. A combination of LDPE and PP non-woven ensures that cushions are optimally stored and protected in this pillow bag.