Packaging with resealable adhesive strip


Packaging with resealable adhesive strip

Durable, resealable, reusable, transparent: this packaging for duvet covers has several advantages. Every cover is optimally presented due to this.

Practical in use

Clear and transparent



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Reusable packaging for duvet cover

This PVC packaging – which closes with a resealable adhesive strip – is very suitable as storage packaging for duvet covers or for presenting the products. As already mentioned, it concerns transparent packaging, in which high-quality duvet covers are well presented for the use of sales. Thanks to the clear transparency, in-store customers can easily compare different duvet covers and make their choice. From a promotional point of view, this packaging is a good option because your customers can easily grasp the packaging and view it without contaminating the packaging and the comforter. Therefore, this a good option.

PVC duvet cover packaging with inner compartment

Is one of the best properties of PVC, in that it is very clear and transparent, but that it is also a strong packaging that can take a punch. You can therefore easily pick up and look at this packaging several times without damaging it and it also immediately gives a clear picture of your product. Or if you opt for an inner compartment, the product information is clearly legible.

Reusable packaging

This packaging is ideal for repeated use due to the strong and sturdy nature of this transparent packaging. Even if it has been reused multiple times, the packaging stays in good shape and can simply be disposed with the plastic waste at the end of the consumer’s cycle.