Newspaper bag for in hotels, B&B or guest house


Newspaper bag for in hotels, B&B or guest house

As a hotel owner or employee, you always want to go the extra mile for your guests. It can be in the form of the most important things, such as high-quality service and perfect assistance, but it can also be in the form of smaller details. One of those smaller details you can think of is the delivery of the daily newspaper and handy brochures. This newspaper bag makes for a great tool as it is easy to hand over to your guests.

Water repellent



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Reusable newspaper-bag

Would you like to give your hotel guests a newspaper bag, for example, to provide the latest newspaper, information about the hotel or booklets about the area? This reusable newspaper bag from Willems Packaging is of great quality and provides the right protection. The bag is water-repellent and available in different colors.

Printing on newspaper bag

This newspaper bag for your hotel, B&B or guest house can also make for great advertising as it’s possible to have it printed on. By having the right printing (which we like advising you on!), your hotel is presented in the best way.