Mono-material bag for duvet, made of paper


Mono-material bag for duvet, made of paper

This paper bag is a popular circular packaging for duvets. Paper bags are an environmentally friendly and stylish alternative to plastic bags. They are lightweight and easy to carry. The bag is made of mono-material, which means it is easily recyclable.




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Mono-material bag for duvet

The bag’s material: paper

Paper is a versatile material, and seen as a stylish, sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. Its natural look can enhance the appearance of your duvet packaging.

Mono-material makes packaging easy to recycle

This duvet bag is made of mono-material, meaning it is easy to recycle. Choosing this type of packaging is a future-proof choice for a circular economy, where materials are used and reused in a more efficient and sustainble way.

Customisation options for this Mono-material bag for duvet

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