Luxury cotton duvet bag with iron wire


Luxury cotton duvet bag with iron wire

Storing duvets and blankets must be done properly, in order to maintain quality. In this luxury cotton duvet bag with iron wire, duvets and blankets are stored dust-free, clean and hygienically. The iron-wire lining also adds that extra firmness.


Very sturdy


Fully customizable

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Luxury cotton duvet bag with iron wire

This white, cotton pillow-bag is environmentally friendly. Cotton is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. If you choose this duvet bag, you are choosing beautiful promotional packaging, but above all, circular packaging. It’s no surprise that these reusable duvet-bags are very popular. The iron-wiring in the bag provides extra firmness, allowing you to present the bag neatly upright.

Cotton storage bag for duvets and blankets

The storage bag for duvets and blankets is equipped with a useful cotton handle (color: black) so that the bag can be easily transported. It’s also possible to have printing on this bag. Are there any specific details that you or your client would like to see on the bag? No problem! This pillow storage bag can be delivered custom made, which means that you can choose to have a print on the duvet bag

Organic cotton packaging for duvet

We would also like to tell you a bit more about the cotton material, also known as organic cotton. Cotton is a natural material and is therefore ideal for packaging (down) duvets and blankets. Cotton is breathable, which prevents moisture and mold from forming in and on the duvets and blankets. Lastly, organic cotton is also available, for a start-to-finish sustainable packaging for duvets.