Laminated PP non-woven storage bag


Laminated PP non-woven storage bag

The laminated, printed bag (made of PP non-woven) is customized and can be delivered in different sizes. For this reason, your pillow and duvet line will get one beautiful appearance. The bag is provided with a transparent side pocket, where you can for example add extra product information and a printed label.


Water repellent


Fully customized

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Laminated PP non-woven bag

Willems Packaging is the packaging specialist in the field of packaging for the bed industry. From simple to luxurious: we have it in our assortment. One of our best sellers is the laminated non-woven storage bag, perfect for the storage of pillows and duvets. The bag is used for selling and storage. And not only that: PP non-woven is very strong, therefore the bag is ideal for repeated use.

Customized storage bag

The storage bag can be fully customized and can also be printed. Full color printing is of course possible. And whatever specific details you or your customer want to see on the pillowbag, think about a logo, a text or an image: it is possible. In terms of shape you are free to customize the bag to your liking.

Luxury non-woven bag

In this luxury non-woven bag you can store pillows and duvets hygienically. This bag offers a outcome for suppliers of pillows and duvets as well as bed businesses and hotels. The products are protected in the non-woven storage bag against dirt, dust and mold. This way they stay clean and tidy while they are not being used.

PP non-woven bags

The storage bag is, as stated, made of PP non-woven. This is a soft, but very strong material that feels like a stiff fabric. Another advantage: PP non-woven bags are water repellent, dust free and breathable. Of course the last one is important when you are packaging delicate products like pillows and duvets. These products are mostly made of natural material, think about down and wool, and has to air. This way you can prevent the build up of moisture and mold.