Half-round PP non-woven cover for nursing pillow


Half-round PP non-woven cover for nursing pillow

A nursing pillow cover is a cover that is pulled over a nursing pillow or pregnancy pillow so that this pillow is protected. That is important because the stuffing of a nursing pillow is often made of a fragile, natural material. This stuffing must be well protected against dust and dirt from the outside.

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Fully customizable

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Round cover for nursing pillow and pregnancy pillow

A nursing pillow must always be stored and saved well protected, so that the quality is retained. This convenient, durable nursing pillow cover offers that solution. This semi-circular cover – the ideal shape for storing pregnancy pillows – is completely made of PP non-woven. PP non-woven was deliberately chosen because PP non-woven is water repellent and permeable to air. This makes the material extremely suitable for use as a cover, bag, or packaging. For products made from natural materials, this is a desirable feature for a cover. These materials must be able to breathe.

Responsible and sustainable packaging

PP non-woven is also very strong and has a good appearance. And also in terms of responsible and sustainable packaging, this PP non-woven nursing pillow cover is the right choice. The cover is in fact very suitable for reuse several times and is 100% recyclable. With this cover you make a clear, responsible and environmentally conscious choice.

Hemispherical PP Non-Woven Cover for Feeding Pillow

Protect and maintain your nursing pillow optimally with our Half-Round PP Non-Woven Cover. This cover combines functionality and comfort, ideal for daily use and long-term protection.


Our PP Non-Woven Cover is water-repellent, meaning spills and accidents are no longer an issue. The water-repellent property ensures that liquids do not penetrate the nursing pillow, keeping it clean and dry. This significantly extends the life of your nursing pillow.


Despite the water-repellent properties, the cover remains breathable. This is essential for maintaining freshness and comfort. The breathable fabric allows for good air circulation, helping to prevent excessive heat and moisture. Your baby can enjoy a cool and comfortable feeding environment.


The Half-Round PP Non-Woven Cover is designed for reuse. The durable materials and sturdy construction ensure that the cover can withstand multiple washes and intensive use. This makes it an eco-friendly choice that helps you reduce waste and lower your costs.

Fully Customizable

We understand that every nursing pillow is unique. That’s why we offer our cover fully customized. This guarantees a perfect fit, optimally protecting the nursing pillow and keeping the cover neatly in place without shifting. Customization ensures the cover is easy to put on and take off.

Choose the Half-Round PP Non-Woven Cover for Nursing Pillow from Willems Packaging for a practical, durable, and stylish solution. This cover offers the ideal combination of protection and comfort, perfect for daily use by mothers and babies. Protect your nursing pillow with the best quality and ensure it’s always ready for use!