Half-round PP non-woven cover for nursing pillow


Half-round PP non-woven cover for nursing pillow

A nursing pillow cover is a cover that is pulled over a nursing pillow or pregnancy pillow so that this pillow is protected. That is important because the stuffing of a nursing pillow is often made of a fragile, natural material. This stuffing must be well protected against dust and dirt from the outside.

Water repellent



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Round cover for nursing pillow and pregnancy pillow

A nursing pillow must always be stored and saved well protected, so that the quality is retained. This convenient, durable nursing pillow cover offers that solution. This semi-circular cover – the ideal shape for storing pregnancy pillows – is completely made of PP non-woven. PP non-woven was deliberately chosen because PP non-woven is water repellent and permeable to air. This makes the material extremely suitable for use as a cover, bag, or packaging. For products made from natural materials, this is a desirable feature for a cover. These materials must be able to breathe.

Responsible and sustainable packaging

PP non-woven is also very strong and has a good appearance. And also in terms of responsible and sustainable packaging, this PP non-woven nursing pillow cover is the right choice. The cover is in fact very suitable for reuse several times and is 100% recyclable. With this cover you make a clear, responsible and environmentally conscious choice.