Durable carrying bag for baby nest / kids bean bag


Durable carrying bag for baby nest / kids bean bag

Seeking a practical solution for storing or transporting a baby nest or child’s beanbag? Discover the benefits of this oval-shaped durable carrying bag, crafted from transparent PVC to showcase the contents clearly.




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Durable carrying bag for baby nest / kids bean bag

Engineered specifically for the neat, hygienic display, transit, or storage of baby nests, children’s bean bags, blankets, and duvets. Featuring a zipper closure, it ensures a dust-free enclosure for baby nests, kids bean bags or other textile products.

The bag’s material: 100% recyclable PVC

The material of choice for this durable carrying bag for baby nest
Made from PVC, a 100% recyclable material, easily recycled with regular plastic waste. Its reusability marks it as a sustainable packaging choice for your or your customer’s duvet. A perfect choice for shops that need to sell, store or transport children’s duvets and blankets.

Custom-made packaging for children’s duvets and blankets

Willems Packaging, as a seasoned producer, supplier, importer, and wholesaler, offers you a diverse array of bags and packaging solutions for baby nests, nursing pillows, children’s duvets, blankets, and other bedding textiles. Reach out for tailored customisation options to meet your unique requirements!