Custom travel pillow bag with cord


Custom travel pillow bag with cord

This pillow bag for the transport of travel pillows is delivered with a practical lanyard. This makes the bag easy to take with you and reuse. That’s not all: the pillow bag can be completely custom-made.

Water repellant



Fully customizable

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Advantages of PP non-woven for travel pillows

This travel pillow bag is completely made of unlaminated PP non-woven. That is done consciously, because this material has multiple advantages when used for storing pillows. It’s water repellant and strong. And most importantly: PP non-woven makes sure the bag is breathable, which is extremely important when the pillow being stored has a natural filling like down or wool. This prevents moisture and fungi from forming in or on the pillow.

Printing non-woven pillow casing

The non-woven casing has more interesting features. For example, the aforementioned lanyard. Because of this, the bag easy to take with you. A must for a travel pillow casing.

It’s also possible put a nice print on the bag. The possibilities for this travel pillow case are endless. What about a full colour logo, a slogan, or a picture on the outside? Willems Packaging arranges it for you.