Curtain bag made of recycled PP non-woven


Curtain bag made of recycled PP non-woven

This curtain bag made of recycled PP non-woven, tailored to packaging curtains, is made of recycled PP non-woven. The curtain bag is breathable and has a drawstring closure. It is also printable. 

PP non-woven


Drawstring closure

Recycled material


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Curtain bag made of recycled PP non-woven

The bag’s material: recycled PP non-woven

Recycled PP non-woven is a fabric made from recycled polypropylene. This lightweight and flexible material is convenient to use for packaging curtains, as it not only reduces the total packaging weight and cost, but also adapts to different shapes and sizes of curtains.

Special features: printable, breathable material, and drawstring closure

This curtain packaging has a drawstring closure, so you can easily open and close it, securing curtains inside the bag. The breathable, recycled PP non-woven allows air to circulate through the fabric. This prevents moisture buildup, mould growth, and odour formation inside the curtain bag. Recycled PP non-woven is also printable, so you can further tailor it to your wishes with your company logo or other branding.

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