Cotton storage bag for blankets and quilts


Cotton storage bag for blankets and quilts

Willems Packaging is also the right place for your heavy cotton-quality storage bags. This storage bag for duvets and blankets can be produced in different versions. In any case, the bag is provided with practical handles, for extra ease.


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Storage bag for blankets

Whether you are selling blankets or wanting to store blankets – for yourself or your customers – this cotton storage bag is the perfect product to store duvets and blankets as they should. Meaning: hygienically, clean and dry. And whether the bag is used to store duvets, blankets or even pillows, the bag protects all these products from, among other things, dirt and dust. This way the bed textiles remain clean, even when not in use.

Cotton blanket-storage bag

Cotton is a perfect choice for packaging and storing bed textiles of natural materials. Think of your down duvets, wool blankets and down pillows. Cotton is also a natural material, that’s why it’s breathable and prohibits moisture and mold to form in or on duvets and blankets. In addition, cotton is very strong, which means that this bag can be used frequently. And lastly, organic canvas is also available, for a complete ecological, biological and circular packaging.