Comforter packaging with digital print and zipper


Comforter packaging with digital print and zipper

Are you looking for a fully breathable packaging for your pillows and duvets? A packaging that can be printed on top with full color? Than you can choose this edition. The bag is made out of white PP non-woven en can be provided with a full color printing through a digital printing technique.


With digital full colour printing

Also available in small quantities


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Bag for packing pillows en duvets with natural filling

Besides the fact that the packaging can be completely custom printed to size, the bag can be the ideal packaging for woollen pillows, woollen duvets and pillows and duvets made from other natural fillings. Linen with natural filling (like down and wool) should be able to breathe to prevent suffocation and the build up of mold. And that is exactly what this bag does. This material is not only water repellent, but also allows it to breathe. A perfect property.

PP non-woven zipperbag for natural pillows and duvets

But not only the material plays a part. The entire bag is breathable due to the use of a digital printing technique. This is in contrast to bags that are printed with other printing techniques. Thus this PP non-woven zipper bag is perfect for natural pillows and duvets. Good thing to know: Thanks to this technique you can also opt for small numbers.

Non-woven packaging for pillows or duvets

Whether you sell pillows or duvets, or want to keep and store them for yourself, your customers or your guest: This non-woven duvet packaging always stores your linen in the right way. The pillow or duvet is protected in the packaging against dirt, dust and moisture. This keeps the bed linen clean when it is not used. The sturdy zipper makes sure that the bag is properly closed.

Wide assortment duvet- and pillow packaging

Do you prefer a different storage bag for your pillows or duvets? No problem. As wholesaler and importer Willems packaging offers a wide assortment in duvet and pillow packaging. It is not without reason that we are the packaging specialist in the field of packaging for the bed industry.