Carrying bag with resealable handle for nursing pillow


Carrying bag with resealable handle for nursing pillow

A nursing pillow (also called a pregnancy pillow) has an important task: it supports the abdomen, the back, the shoulders and the neck. Ideal in the case of back and pelvic complaints. That is also the reason why it is so important to properly store and package these pillows. In this carrier bag, for example.

Hundred percent recyclable

Recyclable handles

Resealable carrier bag


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Recyclable carrier bag for nursing pillow

This transparent carrier bag is specially designed for the clean, dry and hygienic storage of nursing pillows and maternity pillows. The bag is equipped with a sealed handle. This makes the bag easy to carry and transport. The handle is also resealable, making it possible to use this bag multiple times. And also 100% recyclable. A sustainable choice that, by using recycled LDPE, also makes it a circular packaging. You make an environmentally conscious choice by using recycled LDPE, since it can be recycled again at the end of the usage process. This practical and reusable carrier bag is therefore a handy storage bag that is also an interesting choice in terms of price.

Affordable carrier bag

An LDPE carrier bag with resealable handle is a cheap and simple alternative to the often more expensive carrier bags that are produced from, for example, PP non-woven or cotton. In addition to being an inexpensive packaging, LDPE can also be properly replaced by recycled LDPE, which makes it a good carrying bag if you want to undertake CSR as a company, and be environmentally responsible.

Print LDPE carrier bag

In addition to the fact that they are reusable and practical to use, LDPE carrier bags are also a great advertising tool for your company. The material is suitable for printing in multiple colors. This way you give your carrier bag the right look and feel and because the carrier bag can be used multiple times it is a good promotional carrier bag.