Cardboard trolley for rolled mattress


Cardboard trolley for rolled mattress

Are you looking for a sturdy and exclusive box for transporting mattresses? Discover the advantages of this durable cardboard trolley, perfect for storing and transporting rolled up mattresses.



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Storing rolled up mattresses in a cardboard trolley

This cardboard trolley is ideal for storing and transporting (rolled up) mattresses for yourself or for your customer. There are wheels under the trolley and convenient handles at the top of the trolley. This makes it easy to transport. Thanks to its robustness, the trolley also offers good protection.

White cardboard packaging for mattresses

The standard color this trolley is supplied in is white, but there are more color options for you. This way we can customize the trolley for you, in a color of your choice. Printing with a logo, slogan or image is also possible with this cardboard packaging for mattresses. Virtually every customer-specific imprint is possible. The choice is yours!

Luxury cardboard mattress packaging

This luxury and exclusive mattress packaging is made of cardboard: an organic, environmentally friendly and easily recyclable material. Cardboard packaging is therefore a good choice for every environmentally conscious company.

Cardboard mattress trolley in various sizes

The size of the trolley depends on your wishes, because different sizes are possible. This way you can be sure that the mattress that is stored in this cardboard mattress trolley will always fit perfectly. Feel free to contact Willems Packaging to discuss your specific requirements.