Cardboard box for exclusive duvet


Cardboard box for exclusive duvet

Pack up your exclusive duvets and blankets in this luxury cardboard box! This stylish box with handy closure is ideal for elegantly packing up duvets and blankets.




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Storage box for duvets and blankets

Protect your exclusive, valuable duvets and blankets – or that of your customer’s – and give them extra allure by storing or transporting them in this storage box. The unique interior provides the finishing touches to the cardboard box and the added classy band ensures that the bed textiles remain in place. The luxury storage box is also equipped with a strong handle, for optimal ease of use.

Printed storage box for blankets

The fact that this storage box for blankets can be printed upon makes it that much more special. Think of a nice print such as a logo, slogan or other expressions that match your specific situation or occasion. Willems Packaging is the leading packaging specialist for the bedding industry and has seen many types of prints over the years. Feel free to ask us for some printing-inspiration for your storage box.

Hundred percent recyclable cardboard packaging

This luxury and exclusive packaging for duvets, blankets, and pillows is made of cardboard. Cardboard is an organic, environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle material. In fact, this exclusive, luxury cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable! If you are in search of environmentally-conscious options for your organization, this packaging is the right choice.