Black cardboard box for pillow | storage & shipping


Black cardboard box for pillow | storage & shipping

This beautiful cardboard box is ideal for storing and sending pillows. Due to its robustness, the shipping packaging is extremely suitable for use as a storage box or transport box. Also good to know: the material, cardboard, is 100% recyclable.

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100 percent recyclable


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Shipping box for pillows

More and more people order products via the internet. Pillows are also increasingly found through Google and then ordered online. Of course, you want customers who order online to have just as good a experience with your organization as customers who come to your store. This black shipping box contributes to this. The shipping box has a luxurious appearance and can also be printed with a silver print. In this way, unpacking the pillow that is ordered online at home becomes an unpacking experience for your customers.

Unpacking experience for pillows

You can have this cardboard shipping packaging for pillows fully customized. Many of your customer-specific requirements can be realized on the packaging. This makes the shipping box not only a necessary evil, but also a nice promotional expression. Willems Packaging is naturally happy to think along with you about the correct imprint, so that the packaging becomes a real eye catcher.

One hundred percent recyclable shipping box

We are also happy to tell you something about the material this shipping package is made of: cardboard. In addition to all the aesthetic advantages that cardboard has, this material is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. Cardboard is an organic and easily recyclable material. In other words: this cardboard shipping box is even 100% recyclable!