Bag for pillow with attached / sealed hook


Bag for pillow with attached / sealed hook

Some retailers like to present their pillows hanging up. Understandable, because this way customers can easily view the various types of pillows. This pillow bag with a robust strong suspension hook or hanger is the solution for hanging pillows in your store.

Custom made

Available in various colors

Printing and embroidery possible

Offer request for:

Hanging packaging for pillows

Pillows are guaranteed to be well protected against dust and dirt in this hanging packaging. The design and format of the packaging can be adjusted to your specific wishes, so that they perfectly match the look of your store. You can also have your logo printed on the hanging bag. This makes the bag a true advertisement for your organization.

Cushion bag made of LDPE, hanger made of HDPE

The pillow bag is made of LDPE. This is Low Density Polyethylene and has several good qualities. It is water-repellent, well-insulated and sturdy. Another important advantage of LDPE is that it is hundred percent recyclable. LDPE is a phthalate-free plastic, and therefore better for the environment. The sealing hanger is made of HDPE: High Density Polyethylene, an extra strong variant of LDPE.

Display pillows hanging in your store

Do you also want to present your pillows hanging in your store? This beautiful hangable packaging is guaranteed to be the right choice. Please contact us, we are keen to help make your unique wishes a reality. We are after all the supplier for customized sales packaging for the bed textile industry.